What We Do

The Westtown Robotics team is part of FIRST®, a not-for-profit public charity based in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Westtown School Robotics Team (the Metal Moose) is one of thousands of teams across the United States and the world.

The recent success of the team has led to rapid growth in membership, reaching an all-time high of 38 student members and 4 mentors. To meet the inherent challenges of managing these many enthusiastic students and their diverse talents and interests, in 2016 the team is modeling a corporate structure with four divisions, each led by experienced student captains. This structure enables the team to expand its scope and transition from being a team that just builds good robots to one that also builds a strong brand and establishes the framework for a sustainable program. Westtown Robotics aims to build a creative, respectful and encouraging environment where members enthusiastically pursue personal interests and passions for the benefit of the collaborative team.

In this new season, we will begin our build phase in the Design and Engineering lab of our new LEED silver certified science center, which was renovated in 2013. Both in our robotics program and in classes at Westtown School, students will be learning to work manually and digitally to expand on their personal creativity. We are currently reaching out to the Lower and Middle school robotics programs to mentor the future of the Metal Moose. Our team is excited to begin work this season and make it the best one yet.

Our mission

Westtown Robotics envisions the evolution of a culture that respects, engages in and celebrates innovation in pursuit of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, and a society that promotes and supports STEM education opportunities for all students. 

Our Vision 

Westtown Robotics will serve its vision by creating opportunities for excellence in engineering, science and technical literacy, media and communications, strategic entrepreneurialism, student leadership, teamwork, community outreach and education, and the development of new programs at sister schools through a robust and sustainable FRC program. Westtown Robotics aims to build a creative, respectful and encouraging environment where members enthusiastically pursue personal interests and passions for the benefit of the collaborative team.

Our Values 

  • Safety
  • Collaboration, mutual respect and support
  • Resilience
  • Thinking broadly, deeply and critically
  • Thoughtful, prudent and informed use of material and personnel resources

Our Goals 


The training of students and the practices used in the design and production shop will be founded upon a commitment to appropriate technology used safety.

Collaboration, mutual respect and support:

The strength and effectiveness of our team is founded upon student empowerment to voice ideas, the ability to help each other through struggle and challenge, and the realization that positive thinking and commitment to the common good is imperative

Growth and development of each team member in competency and capacity:

Team members grow best as people when they are willing to take risks, open themselves to new ideas and ways of thinking, and are provided with rigorous training by team leaders, industry mentors and each other. Team members will learn the tools that allow them to create effective solutions to authentic real world challenges.


Teams that are most effective have the ability to maintain focus, diligence, commitment and collaborative competence under great pressure. We seek to develop that team.

Thinking broadly, deeply and critically:

Team members will learn new things each day and will become increasingly proficient and expert in their team specialities and broadly aware across all team functions. They will grow in ability to do careful and focused research to support their technical development, and will learn to weigh conflicting demands of time, resource and interest to build consensus-driven approaches to project challenges.

Thoughtful, prudent and informed use of material and personnel resources:

A sustainable program not only develops an ethos and identity that is strong but also a sensitivity to glancing the resource requirements of the program with the assets available for use. Westtown Robotics seeks to maintain a lean budget without compromising design, prototype and build effectiveness, to direct assets intelligently across the demands of the program imperatives, and to develop team members who can balance the demands of the robotics program with their academic, extracurricular and social lives.

Service to community:

Whether bringing a robot to an elementary or middle school to teach about FIRST programs and robotics, presenting the team and its robot to local corporations, walking as a team (with robot) in a Breast Cancer Awareness event or The Walk to End Hunger, or reaching out to bring new teams into the program, service to community is critical to who we are and what we intend to accomplish in the world.

Having great fun working together to make things happen:

Building a robot, a team, and a wider community that supports the training and understands the impacts of innovative young people is an enormous challenge. Accomplishing these challenges requires passion, commitment, community support and long-range vision.


When we accomplish our goals (or even miss the mark) by working together, committing to each other, and having fun doing hard work, Westtown Robotics will make a difference in the world.